Peeping into the Beautiful World of Backwaters & Houseboats

The serene backwaters of Kerala are a chain of brackish lagoons, running parallel to the Arabian Coast, on the west. The backwaters in Alleppey are fed by 38 rivers and comprise of five lakes, which are linked by canals. Amidst its pure bliss and calmness; the houseboats on the lagoons, are an eye-catching feature that draws tourists, from the country as well as the world. With more than 200 houseboats; the Kerala houseboat tourism has been flourishing and has been a rich source of potential income for the state. 

The traditional houseboats are locally called as Kettuvallams, and were previously used for transporting harvested rice in the fertile soil, surrounding the backwaters of Alleppey .  As the houseboats slowly sail along the calm and clear water; it covers various facets of the nature. From the coconut trees and gardens along the Alleppey backwaters to some rare flora and fauna species; the backwaters and houseboats offer a different scenic beauty.

Where the backwaters warmly greet you to its natural environment, the traditional houseboats takes you to a peaceful abode. With its well furnished interiors, spacious rooms, and separate dining area, you shall find the heaven on earth, which is why, Kerala, is also known as “God’s Own Country”. The Kerala houseboat, which was initially used to transport cargoes, now with its thatched roofs, takes you to a thrilling yet relaxing journey to explore the rich dominant culture and lifestyle of backwater regions. Together with the Alleppey backwaters, it offers a complete meal to its tourists

alleppey houseboats